Foldable Eye Drop Glasses

Eye-dropping becomes easy with the eye-drop glasses from Droppie.
Do it yourself, no assistance is needed (anymore).
Nice extra for free, they are foldable!

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Eye dropping becomes easy with this tool: the foldable eye drop glasses

Inserting drops with the drop glasses

Inserting eye drops is tricky for everyone. How do you easily find the centre of your eye without the expensive eye drops running down your cheeks? It feels so good when the drop lands right in the centre. Well, with the drip glasses to help you succeed. The drip glasses are the best way to drip easily. Unlike other aids, you can see where the drop will fall with your eye. As a result, the drop falls exactly in the centre of your eye. You immediately feel the liquid spread over your eye.

Drop aid for the whole family from seniors to children

Many seniors use this eye drop aid and are extremely satisfied with it. Because you can now drip yourself without the help of family, friends or care. Self-dropping is convenient because you often have to do it several times a day.

Children hate inserting eye drops. If you prepare the glasses together and they put the glasses on themselves, dripping children becomes easy. During hay fever season and after eye surgery, eye drops are a must and a relief. Then, dripping with glasses is a perfect help. The drops fall perfectly into the centre of the eye for instant relief. No more wasting expensive drops, and it's done quickly.

About the foldable dropper glasses, aid for eye drops:

  • This version is foldable, convenient when you want to bring your glasses in your bag.
  • Almost all eye drop bottles fit the Drop Glasses.
  • Your drop glasses come in a sturdy envelope with simple instructions, a storage pouch, and a cleaning cloth.
  • You have a one-year warranty on this eye drop device.
  • If you do not like the glasses, you will get your money back.
  • Our help desk will be happy to help you with your questions and comments about the drop glasses via whatsapp or emai.
  • We also have foldable glasses for when you are on the road and special glasses for small children.